Custom Design Tachits - Oh yes gift-givers, they're here!!!

We are very happy about offering these, after several requests, for various types of occasions. 

If you are a corporation having a company gala and want to offer thank you bags, with custom logo Tachits on your gift bag, we can help!

If you are getting married, and want to offer out-of-town guests a thank-you bag with custom design Tachits on a gift bag, we can get as creative as you'd like! Perhaps you have a hashtag - those make great custom designs! #TeamSmith #Mr&MrsLangley #MillerPartyof2 You get the gist...they can be as fun and/or silly as you'd like! P.S. We like silly! 

If you are the owner of a boutique and would like to add a special touch to your gift-wrap department, by using your store logo on custom Tachits, we'd be glad to create those for you!

Please reach out, and let us know what you're envisioning, and we'll be happy to work on getting you a quote. You can reach us at or 404.783.4441. Thank you!

*Please note - minimums will apply.