It's happened to everyone!

You bring a gift to a party and add it to a heaping pile on a gift table. Inevitably, when it's time for the birthday boy or girl to open presents, the accompanying greeting card you so carefully chose has mysteriously disappeared. This is also true for baby showers, bridal showers and underneath the Christmas tree. And a missing card makes it impossible to write thank you notes. You get the gist!

We've all tried the obvious, though unattractive and not too effective, ways to attach your card to your gift. And we've all been guilty of putting tons of tape on the back of the card and smashing it down on the gift...just hoping it stays put! Sliding the edge of your card underneath a gift bow or simply tucking the card in a gift bag — these all sound familiar, right?

And this is how the idea of Tachits came to be. The creator of Tachits just knew there was a better, more effective and decorative way to solve this problem. So, finally gift giving has been simplified. Tachits ensure your greeting card stays attached to your gift and they don't get crushed like a gift bow can. While using Tachits on gift bags, they stay in tact for as long as the life of the gift bag. And, when using on wrapped gifts, after the first use, you can then use them on gift bags.

We hope you enjoy using Tachits, to creatively wrap your gifts, as much as we do. Thank you for visiting - please stop back in soon to see new designs!