Finally - a decorative solution for attaching your card to your gift!

Just a Tachit... and never lose a card again!™


Baby Tachits

Baby Showers

Tachits are perfect for Baby Showers where there are lots of gifts on one table. Decorate your gift in a classic, but simple way, or add extra flair to make your gift really stand out! Whichever style you choose, with Tachits, you know your card will stay attached to your gift.


Holiday Tachits

Under the Tree or Holiday Parties

Underneath a Christmas tree, holiday parties and gift exchanges...all busy places with loads of presents. Holiday Tachits decorate your gift and ensure your card stays attached.


Celebrate Tachits

Birthday Parties, Wedding Showers,
Graduation Parties

All events where mounds of gifts are in one place. Decorate your gift with Tachits, secure your card AND have the cutest gift at the party!


A smart, decorative solution, for no more than the cost of a bow. Whether your gift is in a bag, or wrapped in a box, Tachits will securely keep your card attached. 

Featured In:

NBC's Today Show
National Stationery Show
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